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Lee Grimes

Principal Consultant – Construction Technology

Lee is a dynamic recruitment professional with a passion for connecting top talent with innovative companies in the fields of construction technology, geospatial technology, and agriculture technology.

With over 25 years of experience in the recruitment industry, and having spent the last 7 years working within Trimble Inc, one of the leading global technology companies, Lee has established himself as a trusted advisor to both candidates and clients. His deep understanding of the unique skill sets and industry trends in these niche areas allows him to identify and attract top talent for his clients.

As the construction industry continues to evolve and embrace technology, Lee has been at the forefront of sourcing and placing candidates with expertise in areas such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), virtual and augmented reality, and project management software. He has a keen eye for identifying candidates who possess both technical proficiency and a strong understanding of the construction industry.

In addition to his recruitment expertise, Lee is a skilled communicator and relationship builder. He takes the time to understand the needs and goals of both candidates and clients, ensuring that every match is a win-win for both parties. His dedication to providing exceptional service and his ability to build long-lasting relationships has earned him a reputation as a top recruiter in his fields.

Lee’s passion for technology extends beyond his work as a recruiter. He actively stays updated on industry developments and regularly attends conferences and events to expand his knowledge and network. With his extensive experience and expertise in recruitment and his passion for technology, Lee is the go-to professional for any company looking to build a strong team in these fields. His dedication to finding the perfect match for both candidates and clients sets him apart in the competitive world of recruitment.