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Achieve Business Success with our Strategic Advisory & Consulting Services

Business opportunities are quickly changing, with net zero carbon legislation impacting business growth strategy, carbon footprint analysis and optimisation, M&A Strategy, Due Diligence and Technical Support. LDNY offer A strategic, agile approach to business planning and execution supporting businesses to thrive.

Looking to grow, or exit your business, LDNY can support develop your strategic strategy and market options to maximise your opportunities.

Our Technical team will help you optimise you built environment assets towards net zero developing a scenarios and strategies to maximise a return on investment and capital.

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Our unique approach to carbon management and net zero will lead and inspire your teams to transform and develop a SMART carbon management plan for your business, estates, and products with a return on investment that is unique to you.

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Mastering Technical Challenges with our Expert Consulting Services

We help Clients deliver Sustainable Outcomes Across the Built Environment.

In an industry where constant innovation and advanced technology are reshaping traditional operational models, staying ahead means not only keeping up with the changes but mastering the technical challenges that come with them. LDNY’s Technical Consulting Services are here to ensure that you’re not just a part of the wave, but leading the charge.

From product design and management, Industrialisation strategy, DfMA, MMC, Platform design through to cost efficiency strategic leadership strategies, our advisory consultant team is equipped with the expert knowledge and industry experience to guide you through the market labyrinth. Moreover, we recognise the importance of sustainability and net-zero strategies in the modern world, and offer insights and leadership to help your business align with these critical initiatives.

We also understand the key role that organisational design plays in business efficiency, and provide services to optimise your organisational design for success. Our holistic approach to technical advisory means we not only help you navigate the complexities of the present, but also equip you with the tools and strategies to thrive in the future. Take the first step towards mastering the challenges of your industry today and drive innovation in your business.

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Why Choose LDNY to Partner Your Business?

With expertise and hands-on experience at all levels, LDNY are on a mission to transform relationships and culture between business and business sector communities. We believe that being part of a community is essential to our success. We strive to work closely with a range of different organisations and individuals who share our values, beliefs, and goals.  

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LDNY is firmly rooted in a diverse and dynamic community, going beyond business and making a profound impact on the world we build together.

Our community comprises respected institutions like CIBSE, Building Engineering Services Association, Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, Brunel University London, Engineering Council, University of Cambridge, York City Ladies FC, and Wolfson College.

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Join our community and you will receive insightful updates, industry trends, and valuable tips directly to your inbox. Let LDNY be your partner in success, ensuring you’re always equipped with the knowledge you need to stay competitive and thrive in your field. Don’t miss out, join our community today!

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    Consultancy Services

    Why businesses need consultancy services

    The LDNY business consultancy services give you and your teams access to industry experts who have deep knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. This can be especially valuable for companies in the construction market, where staying on top of emerging trends and best practices is critical to continued success. Our consultants can provide guidance on a wide range of business issues, from developing effective business strategies to improving financial performance and optimising operations.

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    Business Advisory and Consultancy Services for the UK Construction Industry


    LDNY delivers a new approach

    LDNY People Ltd, a York-based consultancy, launched with a clear focus on changing the standard model of performance leadership and recruitment in the UK construction industry sectors. LDNY are a B2B specialist business and technical advisory consultancy, executive, management, resourcing and recruitment consultancy operating within the UK Built Environment and construction industries.